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Loan Servicing

Gimbert Realty Capital provides servicing for some of the best portfolio lenders in the nation.

As a loan servicer, we work as a liaison between the lender and borrower throughout the life of the loan. Our capital sources entrust us to be their eyes and ears in the market to ensure the quality of their underlying collateral is maintained, and to identify new lending opportunities that meet their investment needs.

Tasks we perform are tailored for each lender’s requirements, but typically include:

  • Collecting monthly mortgage payments
  • Maintaining any required tax or insurance escrow amounts
  • Monitoring real estate tax payments and insurance coverages
  • Performing annual property inspections
  • Completing the year-end analysis of the rent roll and operating statements
  • Monitoring, reviewing and consulting with the lender on property lease events
  • Processing borrower and lender requests

Our firm brings decades of experience in this field, with predecessor companies (H.G. Smithy and Gimbert Associates) that were recognized leaders with life company relationships in the region.

Gimbert Realty Capital follows the highest professional standards of our discipline, and our team members are active members of the Mortgage Bankers Association of America and of the Mortgage Bankers Association of Metropolitan Washington.